Bryan Carroll

What A Ride

Luxury + Performance

Luxury + Performance

The engineers who built the TLX aren’t just brainiacs in a lab, they’re also real race car drivers who love the thrill of driving and pushing machines to the limit. It’s no surprise then that when they forged the TLX, it would have a combination of attributes unlike any other sedan. Luxury, performance, technology, excitement and on and on. It’s just about everything awesome in one.

To express the multi-faceted nature of the TLX, we made a campaign all about juxtapositions, one that used countless bite size elements to sum up a driving machine that is 100% unexpected. These building blocks allowed for communication that easily adapted to whatever size, shape or speed was needed for whatever digital or social space it appeared in. Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson



Mobile Innovation

Mobile Innovation

For a campaign about a high performance sedan that changes the rules of the game, we needed the same innovative attitude in our entire approach. We didn’t just make the campaign mobile first, we changed how mobile ads worked by developing the first rotational adapting video.

Facebook Canvas

Facebook Canvas

Facebook has a special feature that let’s you add a microsite within their platform. We used its interactive mojo to let people get a closer look at the TLX and even experience its handling capabilities.